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Sonico dESIGN was born near after the creation of the Latin rock band Sindicato Sonico settled in Antwerp Belgium at the end of 2004. Because of the need for promoting the groep in all media networks, the guitar player of the band found another way to express his artistic crativity. The creation of the website, the posters, logo’s, the graphics for the CD’s, the photo and video manipulation besides his music compositions was for him a joyfull learning proces that since then has been growing constantly.

All of this work has ended up in more than 20 social networks, all created by Sonico dESIGN,  like facebook, mySpace, soundcloud, reverbnation, flickr, youtube, etc. With the years and the upcoming of his other new proyects like Kumbia Beats, Los Demonios de la Cumbia, and the creation of a yearly event called El Dia de los Muertos, we started to work with another artist like Cecilia Casariego, a painter, and Marcos Carranza, photographer, who were giving a special touch in some ofthe artworks like the posters for ‘El Dia de los Muertos’, specially the paintings and styling of Cecilia Casariego.

Resuming, this website could be considered in great part as the graphical and artistic history of all those proyects mostly created by Marco Bustamante, and who is still in a learning process of all these new design technologies that is consuming a lot of his time after his computer.

Services & Topics I can offer to you in this website

Feel free to surf in more than 30 pages of this website to discover more about it


Small reportages, video clips created with standard ligths, white & black background, green screen shots. Production and direccion Marco Bustamante.


At the beginning working with diferent photographers like Marcos Carranza and Naomi Lackzo, Now making my own photography.


Most of my artwork is about poster, logos, CD covers, and flyers,that I have done for our own proyects, We can also do it for your proyects.


WordPress, html, CSS, Muze, xml, Dreamweaver. Most websites were created for our own proyects, One of the best ways to learn about webdesign.


Every thing started with just playing music, besides beeing a digital artist I am also a music composer and producer


A small biography of who I am, where do I come from, things I did, Things that I can do for you, and how do I see the world through all my creations.

Video & Photography

TO PERSONALIZE THE KWALITY OF YOUR WEBSITE / Foto at the Charles bridge Prague

24 Social Network Sites Created by Sonico dESIGN


Time consuming

103.680 hours I dedicated only to update all social networks the last 12 years  😉 plus creating and designing the content while composing the music too?

Computers Operating systems

I have been installingn my software to design ,again and again, in windows Xp, windows vista, windows7, windows 8, and in windows 8.1 too, but I refuse to do it again for windows 10 !!

Bugs, Virus & Malware

During those 12 years I’ve been seriusly infected 4 times, once I reimaged my PC completely, 18 months ago I decided to throw away all my antivirus software and refused to pay them. Result, until today, my computers still No see No BUGS Around!!

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