A normal day at work of an Artiest


Where do I come from?

He was born in Trinidad Beni, Bolivia, a tropical area, but lived most of his life in Cochabamba, another city from Bolivia. His parents and grand parents are from Potosi the highest city in the world, arid highlands and mountains, descended from Quechuas, and Creoles.

He went to school in Cochabamba, at the age of 18 attended university to study agricultural engineer, but after three years abandoned his studies to pursue research in Andean music and  to become a musician. He was part of C.I.C.A. Ayllu Pusisuyu for 4 years, a group of native Bolivian music and research center of Andean cultures which allowed him to discover and travel through Bolivia.

He’s been also dedicating time and years, since he was 19 years old, to the values of traditional medicine, diet and naturalism, to study the healing power of the food and plants advicing people against diseases of aging and common problems.

His ambition to travel around the world as a musician let him to travel around Brazil, Peru, and northern Argentina.Then He decided to take a longer and adventurous journey through much of Europe countries. He traveled 10 years of his life visiting 15 countries, an experience that allowed him to know the depth personality and ambition of the human being in both first world countries and the so called third world. All his musical cognitive awareness of the latest 20 years remain recorded in many CDs which most important are ‘Sindicato Sonico’, ‘Kumbia Beats’, ‘Los Demonios de la Cumbia’, ‘Dj Kumbia Beats’ and ‘Ajhayus’.

Besides music he is also devoted the latest 12 years entirely to learn graphic and web design, producing video clips for his alternative electronic proyects, music production and photography that is his lataest pasion.

Countries visited as a musician
Years as a Designer

What Can I Do For You

Print dESIGN

All logos, posters, CD covers, booklets, panels, t-shirt prints


For small business, coffie bars, fashion shops, and for all kind of artiests.


Basic photography of all kind of events, artistic direction for special concepts


Vide reportages of all kind of events.

Music Productions

Complete production of a full CD, from cover design, recording assistence, edition and mastering.