The Need for Video & Photography

..for all my musical proyects was the drive after this new hobby that ended up in a serius expensive one, specially when you want to update your old camera for a new one. Do not start with photography.


I choose canon brands for the making of video clips and photography because of its both video and photo capabilities in a single camera. All brands are good actually.

After a couple of years

…I ended up with a really good canon camera and a couple of lenses. The first thing I began to do is started traveling and shooting everywhere I could.


Moskou & Saint Petersburg, Een web-foto album vanuit een toeristische perspectief. Rusland ☼ƒ☼ WordPress ☼ƒ☼ All photography was shot manually and without a tripode while traveling around in this two wonderful cities.

Basilica de Roma

Een WordPress foto album van meest belangerijke basilica en kerken in Rome. Frescoes, architectuur en beeldhouwkunst. De fotografie was in donkere omstandigheden en weinig light getrokken, zoals in alle kerken behoren te zijn, maar toch heb ik het beste uit mijn kamera gehaald om de juiste kleuren te laten zien. Deze foto album is best om in een computer dan in een smartPhone te bekijken.

Belgium Architecture

Photography of some interesting places and cities in Belgium, the land of the beer and his wel preserved monuments and architecture, situated between the French culture south, the Dutch culture north, and the German culture west.


Photography in Bolivia, The country where I came from. The diversity in culture and regions is this country makes posible for every photographer to take endless pictures.

Carnaval de Oruro

Photography of the carnaval de Oruro on 26 march 2017 Oruro Bolivia. Four days of dans, music and folcklore, the best place for every photographer to start shooting with his camera, The combinations in colors of their costums are endless like the rainbow. To much creativity, it is impossible to do make a reportage in one year.


Photography in Praag city. This is perhaps the most gothic city that I have yet ever visited. I planned to stay 3 days but actually I stayed 10 days and it was not enough to take pictures of all the things my eyes could see.


Photography of Music and Concerts. Belgium is one of the best places if you want to make photography in free and open concerts with great ligth and big podium.