Brasilian Beats

It is a mix of Brasilian Samba grooves combined with samples, beats and synthesizers of Kumbia Beats Featuring Marcia Rocha a Brasilian singer from Bahia, Salvador. All percusion instruments were recorded by some musicians from Coco Ralado.


Brasilian percusionist Cesar Soares from Coco Ralado and Bolivian musician and producer Marco Bustamante aka Kumbia Beats decided to create this new proyect called Coco Drums Vs Kumbia Beats playing a couple of Brasilian covers.


For this proyect we choose a couple if Brasilian covers, Coco Drums also presented two original drum arrengments like Samba Bento and Samba Duro. all numbers were arrenged by Kumbia Beats, guitar and synthesizers were played by Marco Bustamante.

The Cover of the CD

…a digital art designed by Marco Bustamante, took at least on month to finish it, The main message of this art is that the humanity has failed and wil perish. Designed while he was on vacations in Rio, Sao Paolo Brasil and Bolivia, and while everybody was at the beach he sat in a dark room in the hostel designing it.


The creation of a new crossover style between Cumbia and Drum & Bass was the main challenge for Dj Kumbia Beats. It begon at the end of  the sumer in 2012, and It took more than 6 months to writte all the songs, It was all produced in a small studio, almost all instruments where played or created using softwares and midi.

Singers and Songwriters

We invited three singers for this CD , Sandra Delgadillo a Bolivian Belgium who is a contemporary danser, Alejandro Donoso a Peruvian singer and composer and Roy Carranza, another Bolivian singer. Sandra Delgadillo wrote two songs for this CD.

Designing Proyects

When you create and compose music you’re also designing sounds, when you design sounds you are organizing the geometrical and mathematical cosmos inside you.


This proyect was created together with Roman Santos, Maxican and Alexis Rivera, from Chili. Compositions and arrengments were done by Roman Santos and Marco Bustamante.

Sonico dESIGN

…started oficially near after the creation of Sindicato Sonico, All graphics, design, video and foto manipulation, websites, social networks and the creation of all CD covers and logos were done by Sonido y dISEÑO.

Cumbia Colombiana

This style of music was the inspiration after the name of Dj Kumbia Beats, that’s why Kumbia is written with ‘K’. Cumbia has reached most of the world big podiums in Europe and EEUU, a great riddim like Reggae, it just flows


The time when I started to imagine how a dancefloor looks like with alternativa music was when I started to re-mix music adding beats and samples to all kinds of music, specially southamerican cumbia, folk and latin.


Before creating this style and name called Kumbia Beats, I started Djing at the begining of the 97’s with funk, raw soul funk and disco classics. When I started diggin more deep into the music my favorite style became dub, electro and drum & bass.

Cumbia Colombiana Bolivian style

All the arrengments for the compositions and cover numbers were done by Marco Bustamante. The first singer of the band was Alejandr Donoso, after two years He quit because of his own proyect and came George Rojas in his place.


It took to Marco Bustamante 4 months designing the style on how the group and the media publicity would look like plus creating the songs. It was created for a concert that Sonico Productions organized for the third edition of ‘El Dia de los Muertos’ in Antwerp Belgium.

Live musicians and samples

The concept of this band was created on the basis of samples, beats and synthesizers of Dj Kumbia Beats together with live musicians, all dressed up with flashy and traditional clothes. The artistic direccion and laedership was by Marco Bustamante

Bolivian Folcklore

These songs survived the time when music was recorded and listened in cassettes, in those times when you nedded a hole studio to record your songs. Now you can do it at home in a small computer with the releated sofware.


This song were recorded in 1995 when I played Bolivian folk, my real roots. Ajhayus was a proyect created by Ernesto Altamirano, a Bolivian musician from La Paz together with Eduardo Prado from Ecuador and Ricardo Pilpud from Colombia. We all tried for the first time to arrenge some old Bolivian songs to our own style.


The songs in this proyect are old tradicional numbers mostly from Bolivian contemporary folk composers. El Condor Pasa is a recopilation composition of Alomias Robles, a Peruvian musician and ethnomusicologist.