Multiple Personalities

The parody of this entire website is that I ended up beeing a customer of my own. Some friends are always asking me who is who? when they make jokes about me.

Websites Changes

Not beeing content I changed the design of every website almost 4 times, this happens when web technologies change constantly and specially when you never get satisfied šŸ˜‰

Download & Crack

I started cracking and downloading software like every beginner until you reach a good knowledge level so that you have to start buying the same programs you have ever cracked.

Website of Photography

Exclusively photography of the Carnaval de Oruro 2017 in Bolivia. This is the result of 3 days and each day more than 12 hours shooting with the camera. Oruro is a small city at almost 4.000 meters above sea level where this famous carnaval takes place. Its also declared a MASTER PIECE OF ORAL AND INTANGIBLE HERITAGE OF HUMANITY UNESCO in 2001. The main event begins on thursday until sunday, four day plenty of dance and music through the streets of Oruro. The parade begins on thursday early in the morning at around 09 am until two oclock at nigth, the last two days it is almost 48 hours of continuously dancing groups.

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Website for a Musician

His history as a Musician of the latest 12 years. Marco Bustamante is a Bolivian musician, composer and producer, He is settled in Antwerpen Belgium but comes originally from Bolivia. He started his musical journey at the age of 19, an autodidact who learned everything just by hearing. He begon his musical adventure playing traditional Bolivian native folk and 33 years later makes latin crossover music with electronics and drum & bass.

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Website for Dj Kumbia Beats

Djing and mixing songs af all kind of styles. Dj Kumbia Beats has been organizing and promoting Cumbia and global bass parties in Antwerpen Belgium in the years around 2005. Mama Matrea was then a popular crossover cocktailbar bar where he used to organize those parties. The years after this parties he begon to mix and produce his own tracks until he reached the point to decided to produce his own full CD called Drums & Kumbia. This CD gaved him the oportunity to create a life new band called Kumbia Beats, an alternative electro with drum and bass cumbia style.

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Website for Kumbia Beats

Kumbia Beats is de new band proyect of Dj Kumbia Beats After the release of the full CD in april 2013 this website was created to promote this new proyect, It was a new challenge for Marco Bustamante aka Dj Kumbia Beats to present a kind of new crossover between Cumbia Colombiana and Drum & Bass, that is the main reason why the name of the CD was called Drums & Kumbia.

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