Dj Kumbia Beats


I am a Musician Dj Producer, and Composer, I was born in Beni BOLIVIA descendant from creoles and Quechuas, But now settle down in Berlin Germany.  I have been playing as a Dj Kumbia Beats in lots of festivals like Couleur Cafe, Pole Pole Beach, Kokopelli Festival, Sfinks, Dranouter, Bal A Deuse, Silent Disko Fonkel, M HKA | Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp and many Pubs.
I have been also playing as Musician with my own bands and projects like Kumbia Beats, Los Demonios de la Cumbia, Sindicato Sonico and Coco Drums Vs Kumbia Beats in Festivals like OLT RivierenHof, Viva Lola Festival, Soiree TROPICAL, Couleur Cafe, Pole Pole, Antilliaanse Feesten, Afro Latino Festival, Festival Mundial, Kokopelli, Bevrijdingsfestival, Favela Sandwich Festival, FIMU France, and many more.

I am also a Traditional Bolivian Folk musician, I play Native Bolivian folk instruments like Charango, quena, zampoñas, pinquillos, tarkas, jula julas, and many Indigenous riddims.
Traveling around the world was my everyday music school, Once in Europe,and after ten years of following the House, Drums & Bass and Dub scene I began to experiment with electronic music, samples, beats and synthezisers  to produce my own sound and composition.
You can listen the result of these life musical adventure in this page.

Bands, Projects & Compositions


The First CD as Dj Kuumbia Beats is called DRUMS & KUMBIA, It was Released on April 2013. It’s a combination of southamerican folk, tradicional Cumbia, with Electro, Drums & Bass, Global Dub Bass, and lots of synthesizers & samples. All Songs and instruments were written, composed & produced by Marco Antonio Bustamante Sempertegui. To record the featuring voices I invited Sandra Delgadillo (Bolivia/Belgium), Alejandro Donoso (Peruvian/Belgium) and Roy Carranza (Bolivia) Pedro Pozos (Mexico) recorded de Viool Samples.

‘Kumbia Pinquillada’ contiene una muestra de Arawimanta Pinkillada,
‘Dark Kumbia Core of the Fiddler’ contiene una muestra de MexicanDubWiser.
Lyrics   ‘Blue Drums & Kumbia’ by Sandra Delgadillo.
Lyrics   ‘La Vida’ by Sandra Delgadillo & Marco Bustamante.
Lyrics  ‘La Cumbia del Sapo by Marco Antonio Bustamante Sempertegui

Video Dark Kumbia Core of The Fiddler

sonico design marco bustamante

Los Demonios de la Cumbia

Los Demonios de la Cumbia Versus Dj Kumbia Beats plays Old and new tradicional Cumbia combined with samples of electro beats and tripy synthezisers of Dj Kumbia Beats. it has also influences of Funk, Moombahton, Bolivian Folk, and Rock. Created for the events “The Day of the Dead” that we used to organize in Antwerpen Belgium. For this purpouse I just re-created and mixed some old and new cumbia songs and I added beats, samples and synthezisers, I also composed new songs and used songs that I previously composed for another projects to complete a full show. The Peruvian Alejandro Donoso Alburquerque, a singer from group Cafe Quantum, was the one who took care of the lyrics the first two years as the lead vocal.
After that and to complete line up of musicians we invited the Bolivian singer George Rojas, also musician and dancer of Sartañani group. Manuel Escobar Bas (Chile), Fernando Zamora Conga (Chile), Alexis Armoa Drums (Paraguay), Marcelo Moncada Sax (Chile), Franklin Castro Trompet (Rep Dominicana), and Marco Bustamante Guitar and Dj decks (Bolivia). We also started playing with Misael Mejia Rondo (Pianist) Clasic conservatorium from Bolivia to supply the absence of Laurence Loufrani Synthesizer (France),
The song La Cumbia de los Terroristas was the one that characterized the most the band. To listen more songs you can reach our Soundcloud page.

Live video at Mestiso Arts Festival

sonico design marco bustamante

Coco Drums Vs Kumbia Beats

Brasilian percusionist Cesar Soares from Coco Ralado and Bolivian musician and producer Marco Bustamante aka Kumbia Beats decided to create this new proyect called Coco Drums Vs Kumbia Beats playing a couple of covers.
It is a mix of Brasilian Samba grooves combined with samples, beats and synthesizers of Kumbia Beats Featuring Marcia Rocha a Brasilian singer from Bahia, Salvador. All percusion instruments were recorded by some musicians from Coco Ralado at my small studio in my appartment in Antwerp Belgium.

sonico design marco bustamante

CHARANGO Bolivian Folk

Interpreter and Artist Marco Antonio Bustamante Sempertegui presents a pair of contemporary Charango classics by current composers of Bolivian music. All Arrangements & Production were done by myself, I recorded and produced all instruments and finished it at my small studio when living in covid times in Berlin.
Here are some highlights of these recordings, the one I found the most dynamic, Canutito Rasgueado and La Fiesta del Charango.

Video Cancion Volveras de E. Centellas

sonico design marco bustamante


I have been playing as a Dj Kumbia Beats for more than 12 years mixing all kind of styles, specially traditional southamerican music and cumbia, combined with Electro, Drums & Bass, Global Bass and Afro. But lately I haven been more going in the direction of mixing All styles with Drums & Bass. As follow some re-mixes that I have done and used a lot in live shows. You can also go to MixCloud to listen the complette mixes that I use for venues en pubs.
Festivals played als Dj, Couleur Cafe, Pole Pole Beach, Kokopelli Festival, Sfinks, Dranouter, Bal A Deuse, Silent Disko Fonkel, M HKA | Museum of Contemporary Art Antwerp and many more.




Sindicato Sonico

Sindicato Sonico was a band created in 2004 together with Roman Santos (Mexico) and Alexis Rivera (Chile). After 9 years of running the show as a the manager, guitarist and some compositions of the band and Because of meanings differences we decided to continue our own way apart.
The songs in the following players are my own compositions for this band. The songs, Cholo Style and Ska Kabron, were remastered, mixed and Re-Produced by Dj Kumbia Beats to be played in the new band Los Demonios de la Cumbia

Sindicato Sonico at FIMU Festival France

More Videos & Live Concerts

Dj Kumbia Beats

Dj KUMBIA BEATS at FONKEL Silent Disko in Belgium Song: Copia Doble Systema – Fisketorvet Riddim Feat Somm-T (Kumbia Beats Drums & Bas mix) Drums & Bass, Drums & Kumbia

Dj Kumbia Beats

At Mestizo Arts Festival for The Day of the Dead Party in Arenbergshouwburg Antwerpen Belgium, Ruben Valle Sax, Juan Carlos Bonifaz Vibrafono, also Dj Riddim Kommander and Rapper “El Santo” All togheter as part of Sindicato Sonico Sound System. Realisation Dj Kumbia Beats.

Kumbia Pinkillada Oficial video clip

Extracted from de first CD of Kumbia Beats realesed in 2013. Featuring George Rojas singer and danser of Sartañani Cultural Centre, with Larence Loufrani synthesizer, Franklin Cabrera trompet, Alexis Armoa drums. Music composed by Marco Bustamante.

Vide Clip Blue Drums & Kumbia

Music Composed & Produced by Marco Bustamante aka Kumbia Beats. Extracted from the first full CD of Kumbia Beats released in 2013. Featuring Sandra Delgadillo, Lyrics by Sandra Delgadillo, Music by Marco Bustamante. Featuring artists Alexis Armoa (Drums Paraguay), Nataniel Melo (Conga Portugal). Assistance and make up Monica Delgadillo.

Los Demonios de la Cumbia OLT Rivierenhof

Filmed by Marcos Carranza, edited by Sonico dESIGN. Song Cholo Style composed by Marco Bustamante. Singer George Rojas (Bolivia) Manuel Escobar Bas (Chile), Fernando Zamora Conga (Chile), Alexis Armoa Drums (Paraguay), Marcelo Moncada (Chile), Franklin Castro Trompet (Rep Dominicana), Laurence Loufrani Synthesizer (France), and Marco Bustamante Guitar and Dj decks (Bolivia)

Los Demonios de la Cumbia

Los Demonios de la Cumbia live at ‘El Dia de los Muertos’ event organized by Sonico Poductions in Antwerpen Belgium

Sindicato Sonico at Pole Pole Festival

Sindicato Sonico with the song  El Qujadaso Composed by Marco Bustamante, Arrengments Sindicato Sonico.At Pole Pole Gent Belgium

Sindicato Sonico

Sindicato Sonico in Beleuvenissen 2011 In Leuven Belgium. Those years when we use to play everywhere and having a lot of fun with our fans.